Pittsburgh Haskell

Mission statement

The Pittsburgh Haskell meetup is for everyone who is currently using or interested in learning the Haskell programming language (and related languages such as PureScript, Elm, Idris).

We want to create and grow a fun and friendly local community of Haskell developers of all levels of experience, through learning and sharing exciting ideas, useful libraries, and insights gained from building things.

We will emphasize practical hands-on coding as a way to both write useful programs and also deepen understanding of foundational concepts that are useful and applicable beyond just Haskell.


Pittsburgh Haskell is launching in February 2015 as part of Pittsburgh Code and Supply!

Our first meeting will be on Monday, February 1, 2015. It will include a lightning talk by Franklin Chen as well as a hands-on introductory workshop to get everyone coding right away. Please try to come with Haskell installed on your laptop according to these specific instructions.



Yeah, this Web site is minimalist right now. We have plans to make it fancier with time (using Haskell, of course), but are focusing right now on getting Pittsburgh Haskell off the ground.